In recent several decades, hardwood floors have replaced carpets as the most desired flooring option for homeowners. However, since wood flooring do not come cheap, some homeowners are left wondering if they’re worth the investment.

To clear the air, the experts at Floor Sanding Victoria are breaking the benefits of three main types of floors, as well as offering invaluable insights on what has the very best return on investment.


Carpeted-living-room-ROI-SVB-Wood-floors-kcThere’s no question that a fantastic excellent rug can be a lovely flooring choice, and with appropriate care, this choice could last for many years. Regrettably, there is no absolute guarantee when it comes to the issue of rug longevity.

It is dependent upon several factors including quality, traffic, and maintenance.


Porcelain tile is generally denser than other kinds of tile, so it generally has a longer life expectancy, and a good-quality ceramic tile flooring can last for 20+ years. Since porcelain tile is so dense and the firing procedure so hot, porcelain tile ends up being as tough as granite. Additionally, the colour runs all the way through the tile, so fading is not an issue.

Although the tile itself is easy to clean, the grout is famously difficult to maintain and keep looking fresh.


Quality hardwood floors has the longest lifespan of the rest of the excellent flooring materials, as well as appropriate installation, maintenance, and refinishing, it may endure a lifetime. Many older buildings still have hardwood floors which were initially installed over 100 decades back, so they are certainly an investment you would be sensible to look out for your home! Beautiful, timeless, and highly desired, hardwood floors is really hard to beat.

In accordance with Leslie Piper, Home Advisor’s customer home expert, and a realtor herself, most buyers now want hardwood floors, and may pass up houses that don’t have them! Overall, hardwood flooring provides, by far, the best ROI to your money.


Styles Of Wood Flooring The Essential

If you are reading this guide, the chances are you’re entering the world of purchasing wood flooring for your very first time, or perhaps you’ve done so already and didn’t think about all of the components of this decision as far as you ought to have? In any event, in this blog article, we’ll steer you through the essential components of fashions of timber flooring that you need to know about in order to make the right decisions. And at the end of the day, if you’re still feeling confused at all, we’re here to assist you in making the proper decisions about what to select — so do not worry! Here are the key questions you need to be looking to reply:

The first question: solid or engineered?

This is essential to every wood floors project. A lot of men and women confuse engineered wood floors together with the likes of laminates and, like any frequent reader of this blog will knowthey couldn’t be farther from the reality. Engineered wood flooring is a very smart structure of layers and layers of ply that are topped off using solid wood. With a completed board that looks just like solid wood floors, engineered wood flooring has several unique advantages.

When you select engineered hardwood flooring you have exactly the same range of choices when it comes to species, color, pattern, finish and style, but you get another important advantage. That advantage is that engineered timber flooring doesn’t respond to warmth and moisture in the same way as wood.

The way engineered wood flooring is assembled means that it doesn’t expand and contract to nearly the same extent as strong wood when temperatures or moisture levels fall or rise. What this signifies is that you are able to install engineered wood flooring in rooms where solid wood flooring generally wouldn’t be recommended, by way of instance, in kitchens and bathrooms or in which you have under floor heatingsystem. Strong wood on the other hand remains a really attractive floor option and is excellent for areas of your home in which there are no such restrictions.


When you purchase wood flooring nowadays, the world really is your oyster when it comes to colour. From brilliant white to jet black, and pretty much everything in between, you will be spoilt for choice. With various remedies and effects producing alterations in the color of the wood, there are some really stunning options in the marketplace nowadays. So, no matter whether you wish to create a sun-kissed, white-wash appearance, a modern steely grey impact, a traditional brown or a stylish black background, it is all possible. The most important issue to bear in mind when you’re picking the colour for your hardwood flooring is to select for the long term. Do not be tempted to choose a high-fashion solution just as it’s high fashion. Take into account your long-term plans for your home and choose accordingly. That way you have a fantastic look now and in the years to come.


When timber is lumbered, it’s graded into one of four categories: prime, select, natural and rustic. Going from prime to rustic, usually speaking the cost goes down but this does not mean that you get a less appealing or appealing floor for the wealth. To the contrary, in the ideal area, a rustic grade floor can look a whole lot better than a prime grade floor and vice versa. It is only that you will need to understand the differences and choose the grade that will work best for your job. Generally , the more formal the atmosphere, the better a prime grade solution will operate along with the more relaxed, the more likely a rustic tier will match. Nevertheless, this isn’t necessarily true and the secret is to search for advice from folks who have got plenty of experience because occasionally the solution which will work best isn’t the most evident (or really the most expensive! ) ) .


Oiled, brushed and oiled, obsolete, recovered, tea stained, stressed, lacquered, smoked, java treated…all of these are conditions which you will need to (at least) be more conscious of when you are in the market for a brand new hardwood flooring. If you have only read this listing and are looking totally bewildered, it is time to understand the terminology of wood floors.

Without the ideal vocabulary, your hardwood flooring purchasing procedure will be similar to getting off a plane in a foreign country and trying to track your favorite food or discover the car hire company! If you do not understand what these phrases mean, make the time to browse our site and you will have the ability to find examples of each one these kinds of finish. While selecting the most appropriate end for your fashion of wood floors you desire is not always complex, it may be hard, so don’t attempt to go it alone , we are here to assist!


As soon as you’ve made conclusions on each of the above, you can then devote some thought to if you want a standard plank wooden floor or whether a chevron or herringbone design would suit your interior better. Chevron hardwood floors is instantly recognizable by its’v’ shape and herringbone floors, not surprisingly is reminiscent of fishbones in its own style. Instead of boards that are laid alongside each other, chevron and herringbone flooring are laid to look as if the boards are placed at 45-degree angles to each other — either in a regular or staggered pattern. And the excellent news is that by choosing engineered chevron or herringbone design floors you can save yourself a great deal of hassle because the boards include the pattern already established. You can see our range of chevron wood flooring here and herringbone hardwood flooring.

A great way of finding the ideal wood flooring for you will be looking carefully at styles of timber floors wherever you go. Once you get about the timber flooring radar, you’ll be amazed at the number of styles you can spot, even if you’re just going about your daily life. Shops, restaurants, friends and family’s homes, schools, offices…you will see them anywhere. In the run up to making your buy, use your cellular phone to shoot snaps of floors components you prefer and develop a picture of what it is that you need out of the wood floor so that if you come to buy, you get a clear image in your mind and are confident that you are making the right decisions.

Get help

If you’re entering the world of buying hardwood flooring for the first time and you’re finding it all a little overwhelming, why don’t you get in touch? Even when you’re almost there, but still have some small, niggly doubts, then we can help. We’ve got decades of wood flooring experience across the group at Victoria Floor Sanding And we’re here to help you make sure that you make the ideal decisions for your distinctive project.

Home Improvement Projects for the New Year: Solid Oak Worktops and More!

With the new year just around the corner, you may be thinking about home improvement jobs for 2021. Whether it’s something as straightforward as strong oak worktops for your own kitchen or workshop, to a massive undertaking like flooring installation for a couple of chambers, upgrades and projects can be achieved to any home to give it that extra pop. Home improvement projects are a terrific way to begin fresh and help you reach your other new year goals. Take a look at a few of these ideas to get your imagination flowing see where your own job will take you.

Solid Oak Worktops: A Great Surface for Any Project

Among the simplest methods to improve your house is with solid oak worktops. Wooden worktops are fantastic for a number of uses throughout a house and may be customised for each objective. In the shop, you may require a sturdy and strong solid piece of wood which could handle the reach of a hammer. You may not need the same amount of sturdiness in a craft room, but a good worktop makes spills and other messes easier to clean up, and timber is a beautiful neutral backdrop for planning out your creative endeavors (and carrying these Instagram pics after you’re done).

From the kitchen you may want a smaller worktop to use as a cutting board or butchers block. The timber will protect your counter but won’t damage your knives quickly as a glass cutting board could for example. There are various cases where a good worktop can be utilized and is often the ideal material and installing them can be a great weekend home improvement project.

Wood Flooring Transforms a Room

Another fantastic home improvement project you cannot go wrong with is upgrading to solid wood or laminate flooring. Wood floors always provide a home with a fresh appearance and can completely alter the impression of a space. White hardwood flooring such as is able to make your bedroom feel like a beachside cottage or rustic finish, even though a herringbone floor design can turn a dining area into a hallway fit for a banquet.

There are so many options which it is possible to go with for wood flooring and the possibilities are infinite. Wood flooring can also be set up in the subject of a few days if you do it professionally. But should you not want to worry about a total home upgrade project all at one time, then you always have the option to elect to do it room by room over the class of the new year. By doing one area at a time, it slows down the pace allowing you to enjoy your job and really get the feeling of satisfaction that home improvement jobs bring.

There are many possibilities for home improvement projects and it does not stop with just these few. With outdoor and indoor projects combined, you can spend as little as several hours up to a couple of weeks doing a project. It is dependent upon you and finding the ideal job for your budget and time and what you want to see out of your home.


If you’re considering picking a hardwood floor for your home odds are you are searching for a durable flooring option. The durability of any wood flooring is dependent upon its hardness.
The harder the flooring is the greater can it withstand scratching and wear related harm.
Nonetheless, regardless of what the name might indicate, not all of hardwood is hard. Some woods are harder than others. How can you determine which one is right for you? Fear not, we have got you covered!

How hard is hardwood really?

The hardness of timber is determined by how much pressure it can withstand. The Janka Hardness Test measures the hardness of different wood species and classifies them from the outcomes. During the testing, a steel ball having an 11.28-millimeter diameter is pressed into the wood to half the ball’s diameter. This makes a circular indention from the timber having an area of 100 square millimeters. The quantity of force spent on the task is measured in pounds-force (lbf) or newtons (N).The more force this process necessitates the stronger is the wood species. Since the testing is completed on the surface of the plank and the force is applied horizontally into the wood’s grain it’s possible to also determine side hardness.
To achieve reliable results the timber employed in the test has been air-dried to some 12% moisture content.
The Janka Hardness test also gives insight regarding how well a particular wood could take on dents and daily wear.

Because of the various features of various wood species, the difference between wood hardnesses is considerable.
Australian Buloke is the strongest wood on the list. With 5060 pound-force, it is well above some of the most well-known exotic woods such as Brazilian Walnut and Bolivian Cherry. It’s almost two times as strong as Red Mahogany and Southern Chestnut and three times more powerful than the ever popular flooring choice of Americans — Hickory.

Testing and collecting data is one thing but successfully implementing the results to your renovation project is another thing. Knowing in advance what to expect from particular wood species can make it easier for you to decide on the right type of flooring for your house.

1450 lbf
This timber species is native to the northern regions of the US and Canada. Maple hardwood is mostly of a faint white colour which may slightly vary from board to board. The continuity of tone during the board depends upon the caliber of the wood. Maple flooring can contain minimal to a good deal of brownish/black mineral streaks. The higher the quality is the least marks of this kind occur. Maple graining (occasionally straight lines( other occasions curly patterns) is so nice that often times it goes unnoticed. “Birdseye” graining is also characteristic to walnut. Birdseye is a distinctive pattern which resembles tiny eyes and is common in several wood species. Though walnut hardwood is largely known as a very hardwood species, it comprises areas which have thicker structure. This can sometimes lead to uneven color distribution when staining the floor. To avoid blotchiness it’s suggested to use a liquid timber conditioner prior to applying a stain to your maple floor.

What is the perfect hardness your preferred wood species ought to have?
As long as you’re installing a flooring for residential use there’s little chance you would need something from the top of the Janka Hardness listing. Red Oak, White Oak or Maple are some of the most common domestic flooring choices across the North America. The majority of the domestic wood species tend to be of a lighter color unless stained or otherwise distressed.
Exotic woods come normally in more colours and vary from board to board. Their grain pattern is also more unusual and less constant than in the event of wood. This unique look has caused a huge spike in exotic wood floor sales in the previous decade in america. Most exotic timber species are even more difficult and consequently more resilient than standard domestic wood species.

But, hardness isn’t always excellent. Most of us install a hardwood flooring to avoid the problem of installing and removing a new one years later. Solid hardwood floors can be sanded and refinished up to five times. But sanding and refinishing a truly hard hardwood flooring is not all that simple. Because of the strong constructed hardest floors require very precise work and could splinter. This is also the reason why exotic timber species are somewhat more expensive to treat and require a specialist who has expertise in the matter.

Domestic Hardwood Species
Red Oak
1290 lbf
Red Oak is somewhat the classic flooring option. It is so popular that every additional timber is measured against its hardness and durability. The species usually has moderate to thick graining with moderate shade variants. The colour of a Red oak flooring can be anywhere between creamy pinks to light reds all the way to darker tones such as colors of brown. Unlike white oak that has more earthly colored undertones (browns and greys), red oak is known for much more pinkish look.

1820 lbf
Hickory is one of the most difficult species of timber that is indigenous to North America. Due to the wonderful number of colour and distinctive graining, it is among the popular forests also.
Coloring for Hickory hardwood floors can vary from creamy whites to medium browns and to darker browns. For the most from the unique grain variant of Hickory it is typical to reduce it in 5″ and broader boards.

Brazilian Cherry

2820 lbf
Brazilian Cherry is a exotic wood species famous for its intense color variations. Also known as Jatoba, it is on the top of this Janka hardness rating. When installed it created a beautiful reddish/brown routine with reddish/blonde highlights and sometimes deep red selections.
Unlike many flooring choices that generally fade when exposed to sunlight, Brazilian Cherry gets richer and darkens with exposure to light. The special graining plays a part in producing an intriguing and inviting environment.

Santos Mahogany

2200 lbf
This timber species is your second-most popular choice among the exotic kind. In comparison to Brazilian Cherry, the most common exotic wood on the current market, the design of this wood stays mostly homogenous through the board. Color version ranges from medium brownish/orange to dark brown. Santos Mahogany hardwood has wavy grain that incorporates an open layout. Exactly like Brazilian Cherry, when exposed to mild Santos Mahogany will end up richer.


Unlike other woods bamboo does not possess a set Janka hardness rating. The hardness of bamboo depends on the harvesting time. Cheaper bamboo has usually been harvested sooner than more expensive bud and is significantly less hard.

5 Great Bedroom Flooring Options

shutterstock_447636931Assessing Your Bedroom Flooring Options

Five exciting options to add comfort and style.

It is also the location in which you finish your day, start your morning, and then escape to when you have to unwind. That is why comfort issues more than anything else. If you’re thinking about replacing the flooring in the bedroom, you’ve got plenty of options. Investigate the most typical below as you start to organize your redecoration job.


It simply makes sense that you would want to go from the softness of a mattress to the softness of rug. The plush feel and yearlong warmth of carpet make this an ideal choice for all sorts of bedroom layouts.

Today’s rug comes in a massive variety of colors and patterns and is available with a variety of textures. The only drawback is that carpet can be more challenging to maintain than other bedroom flooring choices.


Hardwood may not be as immediately comfortable as carpet, but it does provide the bedroom a natural, cozy feeling that’s quickly relaxing. Plus, compared to vinyl or rock alternatives, hardwood is softer and better insulated.

A lot of men and women choose to pair hardwood with carpets or other floor coverings. Just be sure to work a qualified hardwood floor installer to prevent annoying squeaks and creaks that can disturb a sleeping spouse.


Cork flooring has exploded in popularity in recent years, particularly as a substance for bedroom flooring.

Better still, with some very simple upkeep, cork is long-lasting and largely immune to stains. The only thing to be worried about is the fact that cork is a very soft material that could scratch under animal claws or furniture legs. Want bedroom flooring thoughts?


Vinyl floors is not only for the kitchen. It’s turning into one of the more prevalent bedroom floors choices because it provides remarkable versatility. It’s available in a near limitless assortment of looks, and if combined with underlayment padding it supplies the durability and softness of carpeting.

Better still, vinyl is quite easy to look after, especially in regions such as the bedroom that have lower foot traffic. Many homeowners, however, object to the fact that vinyl is a non-sustainable substance with a significant environmental effect.


Laminate flooring is famous as a cheap alternative to more expensive materials such as hardwood. The appearance is remarkably similar, but laminate can be found in a fraction of the price and a lot less difficult to install. When coupled with underlayment padding alternatives, laminate floors may also be unbelievably comfortable. Take note, the cheap of this laminate is offset by its relatively short lifespan.

Find All Your Bedroom Flooring Options at Floor Sanding Victoria

Know which choice is ideal for you? Still trying to make up your thoughts? Either way, see Floor Sanding Victoria And get started working with such bedroom floor choices in person. The best way to make up your mind would be to experience the look and feel of every choice with your own eyes and hands. Don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions.


What Is Fumed Oak Flooring?

03f283d6680658b7925a344551a785a8Fumed, or smoked oak is oak wood flooring which has been treated to change its color. Fuming or smoking entails putting the oak in an enclosed environment in which ammonia is introduced to the air. This enclosed environment may be a closed tank or a sealed jar or some form of container to which only a rather modest amount of ammonia is introduced. The impact of the ammonia from the atmosphere is that the color of the timber is changed.

It is a frequent mistake which fuming or smoking pine includes the application of this ammonia into the walnut, but this is not the situation. The change in color comes about from the wood’s reaction to the presence of ammonia in the atmosphere. Effectively what happens is that the ammonia results in the tannins in the wood to be brought to the surface. The nearer the tannins are into the surface, the darker the timber will look. The more the wood is subjected to the ammonia, the darker it becomes. The results obtained from fuming or smoking will vary from a rich brown colour to almost black.

Basically, the intensity of the colour and also the tone of the colour will depend upon the length of time the wood remains in contact with all the ammonia fumes. Periods of as little as half an hour will offer a lightly fumed impact and 72 hours a darker result. What’s more, the greater the temperature in the chamber, as you’d imagine, the faster colour change results will look, but not only that, the tone is going to be affected. Hotter temperatures normally present reddish tones and cooler temperatures green tones allowing for creativity in regards to the fuming or smoking process.

Like most things, it is reputed that fuming was detected by accident. At that moment, it was noticed that the beams over the horses were substantially darkened than the beams at different parts of the stable and this darkening procedure has been connected into the ammonia at the horses’ urine. Fuming or smoking as a timber treatment procedure became common location with arts and crafts furniture makers and to this very day, is very common. Although not hard, fuming bamboo floor isn’t something which would usually be performed on a DIY basis for flooring, although it is commonly used with this foundation for design little pieces of furniture.

Recommended Wood Flooring for Sheds

11150242_10152948300829580_3653082796195608977_nMany ages ago, if we’d been asked to recommend hardwood floors for sheds we would have thought that the customer had mistaken the date for April 1st, but now, more and more people are asking this question. And it is for good reason, because one factor which has changed significantly in recent years is the frequent definition and purpose of a drop. At one point, a shed was somewhat wooden hut that stood, occasionally unloved at the bottom of the garden, albeit the sanctuary of this DIY husband that escaped into his drop to get a time to himself. How times have changed. Sheds today come in all shapes and sizes and have many different purposes. Because of this, the recommended hardwood floors for your shed will depend to a large extent upon the objective of your shed.

Sheds Who Act as additional, Casual living spaces

A lot of folks in britain find themselves in the position of needing more room but not able to sell their houses since the current market is more economical than they would like. This signifies is that loft and cellar conversions are getting increasingly more prevalent. Nevertheless, for those men and women who have adequate sized blossoms, a”posh” backyard shed is frequently the answer they have been searching for.

Often employed as playrooms for children, house offices and even casual bunk-rooms for teens, a good sized, nicely assembled garden shed may be the best remedy to insufficient space. With a few garden sheds which are on the market nowadays appearing almost like small homes in their own right, the option available is astounding.

Based upon your budget and the projected usage of your drop, the flooring you select might be high or very low budget. In any event, as a result of this challenging climatic conditions a drop is very likely to endure, there is no getting away from the fact that engineered timber flooring is guaranteed to be your very best alternative. Temperature and moisture changes in discard surroundings of styles are important and you want to keep this in mind while you’re creating your flooring selection.

As a result of its smart construction, engineered wood does not expand and contract to the exact same extent as solid hardwood floors , meaning it does not stand exactly the exact same danger of being ruined by being in a drop setting. If you are buying minimal cost but great looking discard to expand your living area, the likes of the Natural European Oak Engineered floors (one that has been brushed and petroleum completed could be the ideal alternative ). Even though it’s low budget, the last appearance can be magnificent and you’ll have the ability to utilize it as a neutral background to either a beautiful contemporary or traditional inside for your drop.

If you are choosing a high of the current market, higher budget drop which you are likely to use as a home office, then the odds are you’ll spend substantial time and might even use it as a room to welcome your significant customers. If that is true, then the odds are your floors budget will extend a little farther. This distinct distressed walnut option, would seem absolutely stunning at a backyard office surroundings, not too extending your finances, but looking like it may have.

Sheds for storage or DIY

If your shed is to be used only for storage or DIY, then the style of your flooring is very likely to be less important. The priority is very likely to be price. If that is the case, a lacquered, very low budget engineered wood floor is the perfect solution. What it will enable you to do is make your discard looking good and providing you a solid and stable foundation on which to keep your products or execute your DIY activities.

Regardless of What the purpose of your shed, it is important to make the right flooring options and at Floor Sanding Victoria We are here to help. If you want to talk during your shed flooring job, why not get in touch now ? Our team is highly experienced in all aspects of flooring and can assist you in making the right choice.


engineered-flooring-semi-solidReplacing rugs and other obsolete flooring with wood is a smart option for homeowners. But consumers wonder which option gives the best value and contemplate the question of solid vs engineered wood floors. What are the significant differences in these popular products? And how can you choose the perfect wood flooring for your home?

Major Differences in Strong Vs Engineered Wood Floors

Though they provide the same beautiful, natural look in your home, solid hardwood and engineered hardwood floors are manufactured differently. Formed from a single plank of wood, solid hardwood flooring give an attractive, durable surface for rooms on the main and upper floors of your home.

Engineered wood floors, on the other hand, are fabricated with a plywood foundation of overlapping bits and topped with a layer of solid wood. This mixture provides the appearance of solid hardwood with improved stability and more uses.

Where Do You Need to Install Wood Floors?

Your choice of solid vs engineered hardwood flooring may be determined by location. oak-parquet-flooring-engineered-58821-8001678Solid hardwood performs nicely in rooms above level. Elevated levels of humidity and the demand for a wood subfloor make cellar or below-grade software very costly.

If you’re looking at installing hardwood flooring in the basement, engineered wood outlines are set up as floating floors, using either glue or a click-lock layout. Engineered wood also works well in different rooms where moisture may be an issue, like the laundry and kitchen. Installing wood floors in the complete baths aren’t generally recommended, although a good quality engineered hardwood product provides a stunning finish in modern bathrooms.

Solid hardwood flooring remain the ideal option for above-grade applications in remote homes. Condominiums and apartments often need to install floating engineered wood flooring because sound and fireproofing guidelines don’t permit solid hardwood to be sanded down, and engineered hardwood floors are much less vulnerable to moisture from the concrete slab.

Longevity and Flexibility

Ascot-290-engineered-woodWood flooring needs a significant investment, but also significantly enhances your property value. It only makes sense to invest your money wisely, installing wood flooring that’s made to last.

Well-chosen solid hardwood flooring installed with a professional contractor could last over a century. The solid design permits you to resurface the flooring multiple occasions, whether to change color or simply freshen up the room. Engineered hardwood flooring persist for quite a while, but a thinner wear layer and softer composition reduce the longevity by a few decades.

Far superior to vinyl and laminate flooring, wood flooring gives an upscale appearance and improved comfort in your home. Deciding between solid vs engineered wood floors demands careful consideration and thought. Based upon the location and desired appearance, an individual may emerge the better option. But both provide excellent performance for a long time to come.



wood-species-300x200If you’ve ever installed wooden flooring within your house you will be well aware of both acclimation and the effect of indoor humidity on hardwood floors. The wooden flooring in your house is perhaps one of the numerous unique attributes your house needs and needs care even when installing them.

Acclimatisation of hardwood floors

Whether your flooring is laminate, hardwood, bamboo or cork, there is a process involved during setup of your wooden flooring that’s vital. This method differs among flooring producers and is better called acclimatisation of wooden flooring. Acclimatisation is a required process when installing wooden flooring to permit the hardwood floors in your home to adjust to the humidity because hardwood floors is stained.

From the process of acclimatisation generally the hardwood floor is put in your area for a span of 2 to 3 days. The temperature in this interval is near 60 to 75 levels and the amount of humidity close to 35-55percent .With change in seasons, humidity levels are more likely to change as well. This is especially true of specific areas of the country where weather changes are drastic.

Please be aware that you’re spending a significant sum of money on your hardwood floors and ought to heed the information provided above. Whenever you are installing your wooden flooring, pick a manufacturer and also a business which adheres to the practices of acclimatisation.


bona-belt-1000x1000You may have been gutting your residence is preparation in order for it to be restored and redecorated and you’ve revealed beautiful solid hardwood floors underneath the old carpets. Original hardwood floorboards are infrequent and they’re mostly in very bad condition, especially if they have not been looked after properly.

If you would be liked to preserve your hardwood flooring and expose it to its past glory, then you’ll need to call in an expert flooring specialist who will have the ability to provide you with advice about restoring your solid hardwood floorboards.

In order to make certain that your previous hardwood floorboards are acceptable for being walked upon and to keep them from being damaged in the future, your hardwood floor specialist will have to execute lots of procedures. This may include sanding, treating, staining and varnishing the wood so that it is brought back to life again.

One of the wonderful things about original hardwood floorboards is that they look absolutely amazing once they have been revived and it takes a lot of effort to restore the boards, that is why you need to call in the professionals.